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Razor Emporium Straight Razor Strop

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Manufactured by Razor Emporium in our own shop in Phoenix, AZ 

This handsome American Made horsehide strop made with russet horsehide from Horween Leather Tannery is ideal for both performance and value for today's traditional shaving enthusiast. Featuring 3 inch wide, 18 inch stropping area, you get an easy to use, well made strop that will keep your straight razor sharp and keen. The quality of this strop is unparalled and the results, incredible. 

 This Russet Horsehide Strop is different than our Latigo and English Bridle because it has a tumble finish, similar to a fiberous suede. This soft surface increases the surface area when you strop and provides incredible results with fewer passes! 

Width: 3"
Stropping Area: 18"
Strop Length handle to handle: 29"
Key benefits:
  • American horse hide leather- a high quality, supple leather with heavy draw
  • American cotton-canvas back to de-burr your edge and protect your leather side
  • 3 inch wide to eliminate a cross stroke pattern and make it easier to learn how to strop for the first time
  • Hand assembled and finished in the USA