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Benchmade Barrage 581SBK


DESIGNER:      Warren Osborne
BLADE SIZE:   3.60"
TOTAL SIZE:    8.35"
BLADE MATERIAL: M390 Stainless Steel - black coated
HANDLE:        Black G10
BOLSTER:       3D Machined Aluminum
LINERS:          Stainless Steel

From Benchmade on M390 Steel
Bohler M390: A high performance blade steel with superior cutting ability and wear resistance due to its high concentration of vanadium and chromium carbides. Its unique powder metallurgical process also promotes a uniform carbide distribution and clean steel properties, making M390 a popular steel used in surgical cutting instruments and in applications requiring a high finish. As a blade material it offers excellent corrosion resistance due to its high concentration of Chromium.

Made In USA